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Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is said to be titled after Charles Grey, second Lord of Grey, a British statesman who governed from 1830 to 1834. Throughout his career in politics, Grey contributed to the reform of the voting system and the end of slavery across Great Britain.

They did what he asked and called it after him.

During the industrial revolution, tea rose to prominence in Britain and subsequently expanded to the United States. Since then, people all around the globe have been drinking Earl Grey tea.

Although there is considerable controversy about the factual veracity of Earl Grey tea’s genesis myth, this point is certain: people still enjoy it nearly 200 years after Charles Grey reportedly first drank it. People still enjoy drinking it.

Various categories

Earl Grey tea is especially prominent since it feels fantastic warm or chilled and has a flavor that is quite accessible.

(1)Earl Grey tea is often brewed using black tea (or a combination of black teas) and bergamot oil, which imparts the flowery, citrusy flavor that renders Earl Grey tea so pleasant.

(2) Bergamot is a fragrant citrus fruit native to the Mediterranean region.

(3) However, under the name of “Earl Grey,” there is a surprising amount of diversity.

Earl Grey Tea Flavors may be flavored with anything from flower petals of roses to lavender to blue cornflowers in addition to bergamot. Earl Grey Tea Flavors are made by infusing white or green tea using bergamot oil and labeling it as such.

So here are some of the most prevalent Earl Grey variations:

  • Earl Grey Decaf

  • Earl Grey Oolong, that is oolong tea blended with bergamot oil

  • Earl Green, which is a green tea flavored with bergamot

  • French Earl Grey, which may or may not contain flower petals of roses or lavender blossoms, depending on who you ask.

  • Lady Grey, which combines Earl Grey tea with blue cornflower petals.

  • Red Earl Grey (also known as Earl Red or Earl Rooibos), a blend of rooibos tea and bergamot.

  • Russian Earl Grey, which incorporates chunks of citrus peel within the tea.

Earl Grey Tea Flavors is also used to make cocktails like the London Fog (Earl Grey tea, milk, vanilla essence, and sugar) as well as the Creamy Earl Grey Coconut Rum.

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