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The brew of Green Tea Natural Honey Flavour has originated from ancient china. The properties of this tea have a lot to offer and are widely recommended for its beautiful aroma and medicinal goodness. You might have plenty of options to choose from while purchasing Darjeeling Green Tea Bags on the web. But sharing personal opinions on the web are important factors to understand and make purchase decisions based on the customer's review. Bagicha is one of those brands who understand and value their consumers. They have acquired goodwill for a prolonged period of time and provide excellent collections of designer teas to choose from. Darjeeling Green Tea Bags are one of the most popular items that you can find on their e-commerce website.

Statistics reveal that Darjeeling Green Tea Bags are widely purchased and consumed mostly by tea drinkers across China as they consume about 50% of the total amount of tea produced in the world. How insightful is that? Japan however comes in the second position with other East Asian Countries.

An interesting observation that surprises us is that the world has accepted and understood the benefits of consuming Green Tea Natural Honey Flavour. There are reports that clearly indicate drinking green tea has increased by 20% in the last decade at least. But what is it about green tea that makes it such a refreshing and widely acclaimed beverage? Let's discuss its history and origin and why fitness enthusiasts are so much into it.

Camellia sinensis is the plant from which green tea is derived from. This plant is used not only to make green tea but other brews such as oolong tea and black tea are made from it. The early research development and documentations suggest that green tea was discovered accidentally by the Chinese emperor Shen Hong. He happened to be a scientist. The fortunate accident took place when the emperor was boiling water in his garden noticed that a few hanging leaves from the sinensis plant fell into the boiling water and was surprised with the taste and scent of the infused water and because if this he was instantly driven to research more about the plant in order to discover its plethora of medicinal properties.

There are sources that claim that if you consume green as the first thing in the morning. It aids in your weight loss journey that is certain as your digestive system is mostly stable when your stomach is empty.

Drinking Green Tea Natural Honey Flavour at this time boosts your digestive system because of the presence of polyphenols allowing fat oxidation levels to rise, this leads to weight loss.

Research also indicates that drinking green tea with honey helps in the treatment of stomach upsets and even chronic diseases like diarrhoea and typhoid. It is the catechins which are present in its leaves that are said to have an inhibitory effect on H pylori infections as well.

Still thinking if Bagicha is the right brand? Experienced Tea drinkers in the country and abroad have acquired a sense of taste and flavour for various designer teas. They are quite particular and can easily differentiate between its various categories by looking at it and both through its aroma and taste. Bagicha understands their consumers and ensures them that the quality is simply never compromised. Thus the brand trust has consistently kept growing over the years.

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