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Why do you have an IPhone? Is it because it’s shinny and big or is it because what you see advertised on tv? Why do you want Verizon to be your mobile carrier? Is it because they’re the best or that research has shown they’re the best. This is what we call persuasion and it is used around us everyday. This week in class we will be learning about the wonderful world of advertisement and how you can persuade your reader for the future. Think to yourself, why do I buy the things I buy and why do I want the things I want? Is it because you see other people with them or is it that businesses do a great job applying ethos, pathos, and logos to their advertisements to attract you to their product or information. So, for the next couple of days you all will research what ethos, pathos, and logos are and a few examples of each. Then you all will be in compete to see who’s advertising skills are better.


What is ethos, pathos, logos?

How do advertisers use rhetorical appeal?

Use this website to create your advertisement flyers:

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