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U.S. History: 11th Grade

Standard USHC-3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how regional and ideological differences led to the Civil War and an understanding of the impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on democracy in America.

Indicator USHC 3.2: Summarize the course of the Civil War and its impact on democracy, including the major turning points; the impact of the Emancipation Proclamation; the unequal treatment afforded to African American military units; the geographic, economic and political factors in the defeat of the Confederacy; and the ultimate defeat of the idea of secession

Introduction: Welcome students to a journey through the most deadly, most gruesome, bloodiest war in American History. This War was more costly for the US than WWI and WWII, and the Vietnam War combined. The Civil War was a war fought between the Northern States and the Southern States. In your web-quest each group will research different aspects of the war such as: important leaders from each side, different battles and the significance of their outcomes, and other important facts about the War.

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