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General Rules

  1. Be kind and respectful to other players in OOC channels, refrain from personal attacks, and do not harass Discord members through Direct Messages. Bullying, defined as a repeated behavior intended to hurt another member, will not be tolerated. If you feel unsafe, do not hesitate to contact a staff member

  2. No sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or racist language, nicknames, or profile pictures

  3. Improper content of any kind (illegal, pornographic, sexual, gore, etc.) is strictly forbidden and removed immediately. This community is managed and heavily moderated by a competent team of moderators

  4. Use the appropriate channels for 1) role-playing, 2) OOC, 3) bot commands, and 4) pictures

  5. No spamming allowed in any channel. Do not advertise other servers or games without proper consult and permission from an administrator of the community

  6. No publishing of personal information of your own or other individuals (including real names, addresses, emails, passwords, bank account, credit card information, etc.)

  7. Channels labeled with the tag ‘(IC)’ are strictly used for in-character role-play. Never break character in any of these channels. Out of character-messages should always be embraced by [brackets]. Please refrain from excessive OOC messaging in in-character channels

  8. Do not abuse any commands in the Discord. If you come across a bug, please warn a staff member.

Discord Rules (VC)

  1. No annoying, loud, or high pitch noise

  2. Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible

Role-playing Rules

  1. Role-playing actions are always formatted in italic to distinguish them from character dialogue clearly

  2. No god-modding (God-modding is when a character role-plays with invincibility or near-invincibility)

  3. No metagaming (Metagaming is when you use information received out-of-character and use it for in-character purposes)

  4. Do not 'disrupt' scenes (Any form of trolling, joking around, or excessive unrealistic role-playing that disrupts the role-play is prohibited.)

  5. Do not "lorebreak" (Lorebreaking is the use of things not pertaining to the current state of the role-play, such as role-playing real-life events in the role-play that were not established to had occurred by the administration)

  6. Maintain character distinction and continuity (Keep your character's continuation in a linear timeline, so do not jump around in age. Do not change your character's background out of character; if you want to make a drastic shift in your character, make a new character)

  7. Refrain from overt economic falsehood (Do not make your character extremely wealthy)

  8. Refrain from excessive superlatives (Do not make official statements as fact about your character. For example: do not name yourself the richest or smartest individuals in the world. Nonchalant fallacies stated in-character are allowed)

  9. Death is final (Once your character becomes deceased, you must make a new character. Naturally, members may dispute a death with moderation if deemed necessary)

  10. No random attacking

  11. Do not power-play (You are not allowed to role-play someone else's character)

  12. Typos are to be corrected post-script where possible.

  13. Consult with moderators regarding viability for major in-character actions.

Breaking any of the rules may result in punishment(s) at the server moderation team's discretion. The extent of said punishment is dependent on the severity of the offense. USA RPG enforces a three-strike policy in which members will be removed from the server after three offenses. All sanctions may be subject to appeal by contacting a member of the administration. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the moderators under #staff-help to open a ticket.

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