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About the community

United States RP is a text-based political role-playing community on Discord that allows players to take a U.S. citizen's role and explore a dynamic world of politics. Create a character, run for political office, write legislations, and ascend the political hierarchy.

Creating your character

Upon entering the Discord Server, all in-character content is hidden from public view to guarantee an immersive role-playing experience for our members. All new players are obligated to read the rules and regulations published on the Community Rules page. New players are requested to register a new character in Firstname Lastname format (e.g., Joe Bloggs) via the #citizenship channel under the Verification category to see the community’s content.

Remember that names must be unique; our community guidelines forbid any reference to real-life characters or their personal histories. Failing to comply will result in an immediate perm-ban from the Discord server. Please click the reaction emoji below the introduction message to trigger a character application via Discord Direct Message to get things started.

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