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The purpose of this assignment is to better understand the parts of speech, know why they are used, and how to use them.

For this assignment students will be put into small groups of four.

In each group there will be a “Student A" “Student B” “Student C” and “Student D”.

Each student will have a specific task to participate in the assignment.

Student A: You will look up why we use figurative language or your specific term in writing.

Student B: You will look up the definition for your group’s term.

Student C: You will watch a video learning more about your term.

Student D: You will look up more examples. You need 2-3.

Once each student is done with their task, they will come together and create the Kahoot.

Once the Kahoot is created each group will present it. The rest of the class will play the Kahoot to learn about the other parts of speech.

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