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Web Quest: Kahoot Conclusion:

Rubric Each group should have successfully created a

Requirements: Kahoot for the class to participate in. This Kahoot should be

The Kahoot contains at least 6 questions. about the figurative language their group was assigned.

4 (Points Available) ________ Received Every person in the group should have contributed their part

  and met the assignment. This should have deepened the

There is at least one question about the definition. understanding of figurative language.

2 (Points Available) __________


There is at least one question about an example.

2 (Points Available) __________


There is at least one true or false question.

2 (Points Available) _________


There are three other questions concerning the topic.

2 (Points Available) ________


The grammar/spelling/punctuation is under two mistakes.

4 (Points Available) _________


The particular form of figurative speech is clearly identified.

4 (Points Available) __________



Total Points: ________/20


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