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In class today you will be learning about six different types of figures of speech! The first is simile which is a phrase using like or as comparing two different objects or ideas. The second is a metaphor which is similar to the simile. The third is personification which is giving people-like attributes to non living objects. The fourth is alliteration is using the same beginning letter or sound for each word. The fifth is onomatopoeia which are sounds being spelled out. The sixth is hyperbole which are exaggerated statements that cannot be taken seriously.

In your groups, decide who will be student A, B,C, and D and go to your task page and find out what you will be doing. Please remember that this assignment is not for you to browse the web so please stay on the web page you are assigned!!!

Also please note that you will be making a Kahoot game at the end of this assignment that will show what you have learned as a group. Look at the rubric in the Evaluation and Conclusion page before you start the game to get the guidelines to making the game!

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