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Fear not — if you happen to run low on anything, or forget something, friends will be there to help. (And, worst case scenario, civilization is close-by.)


  • Tent

  • Sleeping bag

  • Pillow

  • Sleeping pad/mattress

  • Flashlight plus extra batteries

  • Rain protection (hopefully not needed!)

  • Warm enough clothing for late night/early morning temps

  • Toiletries (the campground has a bathhouse)

  • Hand sanitizer

  • TP (in case the bathhouse runs low)

  • Firewood and lighter/matches (If it’s unseasonably cold, this might be a “must.” If fire warmth is less imperative, you can always just visit another site that has one going!)

Food & Water

  • Enough food for meals & snacks

  • Portable food if you’re going hiking

  • Water & water receptacles (The campground has a sink, which I drank from and am still alive! But feel free to bring filtered water if you prefer that.)

  • Pots/pans/cooking implements (as needed)

  • Plates, utensils, & napkins

  • Camp stove (If, like me, you aren’t brave enough to cook on a fire.)

  • Cooler w/ ice

  • Dish cleaning supplies

  • Trash/recycling bags

  • [Potluck TBD]

Excursion Gear

  • Backpack with enough room for water and snacks

  • Sturdy shoes & comfortable clothes

  • Swim gear if you plan to swim

  • Climbing gear if you plan to climb

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Bug spray (I like this one — it’s not harmful to insects/wildlife/humans as far as scientists can tell)

  • Printouts of trail maps if you’re headed on an individual adventure

Nice to Have

  • Camping chairs

  • Lantern (to light your campsite for cooking/hanging out)

  • Coffee

  • Tarp and a way to hang it (if it’s going to be rainy)

  • Dry kindling (if it’s going to be wet/rainy)

  • First-aid kit (I’ll have a small one, if anybody needs it)

  • Things to read

Floatie inspo from a California trip

Superfluous Fun Stuff

  • Hammock (lots of spots to string these up in the campground and at the base of the falls)

  • Adult beverages, if you’re into that

  • Games

  • Speakers to play music

  • Floaties (I’ll bring a few, but it would be hilarious for people to bring more and have a floatie hangout at the base of the falls)

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