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The Basics

View from the base of Foster Falls

The plan:

To have a vegan camping meetup at Foster Falls!

[Date TBD, will be updated here once finalized.]

What you need to do now:

Reserve your campsite asap. (Hikers/climbers love to camp at Foster Falls, so spots will likely fill up.)

Campsites are $18/night (plus a $5 processing fee), but each site allows up to four adults and two children, so they can be shared (a “child” is defined as 13 and under).

Once you’ve reserved a spot, please RSVP to the [Facebook event] so that we know who is coming.

Reservation instructions:

Go to the park reservations page and enter the dates you plan to stay.

On the “Overview” page, select the “Fiery Gizzard Trail System” at the bottom of the map.

On the Fiery Gizzard Page, choose a site in the Foster Falls Campground at the bottom of the map.

Hovering over a site number will allow you to see a photo and information about that site.

(Honestly, they’re all pretty similar.)

What else you need to do:

Take a peek at the other pages in this wiki for information about activities and what to bring. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at, or you can comment on the [Facebook event page].

After we have a good idea of who’s coming, we can decide if we want to have a specific potluck night, do a particular group hike, etc. But regardless, there will be plenty of opportunities for hanging out at the campground as a group, and for folks to embark upon any choose-your-own-adventure activities they are interested in.

Rain or shine:

One of the “exciting” aspects of booking a campsite in advance is that we can’t predict the weather. But I’ve found that it’s still possible to have fun even if things are a little soggy.

If the forecast does look really dicey, we have the option to cancel our reservation [check] hours in advance, which would give us a full refund of the site cost (we’d just forfeit the $5 processing fee).

Can’t wait to see you in the forest!

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