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Typical campsite at Foster Falls

Basic info:

The Foster Falls campground has 26 rustic campsites ideal for tents or small trailers. All sites have a fire ring and a picnic table. Most sites are wooded, offering some shade, and have a level, gravel surface. A few are on a slight incline. There are no water or electric hook-ups, but a restroom and heated showers are available. No gas generators are allowed at the campground.

Please reserve your campsite asap. (Hikers/climbers love to camp at Foster Falls, so spots will likely fill up.) Campsites are $18/night (plus a $5 processing fee), but each site allows four adults and two children per site, so they can be shared. Children are defined as ages 13 and younger.


  • Campground gates close at 10:00 PM. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

  • Quiet hours in all campgrounds are between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

  • No hiking on trails after dark. Please allow enough time to reach your destination in daylight.

Dog policy

Dogs are allowed on the trails at Foster Falls but must stay on-leash. If your dog is a puller, you’ll want to exercise a lot of caution on the steep/rocky trail to the base of the falls.

Alcohol policy

Alcohol is allowed in the campsites but nowhere else. If you want to bring something down to the falls, do so at your own discretion — and prepare to be very discreet. While the rangers are super nice, if they spot you imbibing by the falls they will not hesitate to give you an extremely pricey ticket. In the past certain people have gotten up too much liquid courage and have attempted ill-advised jumps or climbs there, so the rangers are trying to look out for everybody’s safety.

Firewood policy

All campfires should be made with heat-treated wood, or downed wood collected inside the park next to the campsite. Certified heat-treated firewood is packaged and clearly marked with a state or federal seal. If you’re planning to bring wood, make sure to check the label before you buy. Otherwise the forest can be put at risk from invasive non-native insects. To learn more about Don’t Move Firewood, visit

Reservation instructions:

  • Go to the park reservations page and enter the dates you plan to stay.

  • On the “Overview” page, select the “Fiery Gizzard Trail System” at the bottom of the map.

  • On the Fiery Gizzard Page, choose a site in the Foster Falls Campground at the bottom of the map.

  • Hovering over a site number will allow you to see a photo and information about that site. (Honestly, they’re all pretty similar, and the campground is small enough that we’ll all be nearby no matter which spot you choose. Note that site 17 is reserved for ADA access.)

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