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At the weekend, I went to watch detective pikachu and pikachu is very little,cute and funny 😆.Danielle yeung.Also,Yijun watched it too.

Like most schools, our week is Monday to Friday. We do a variety of activities at the weekend. At the weekends,we normally go shopping or invite someone and eat outside.

Some of us has lots of classes in the weekends for example cooking,Chinese,maths and English.And this is what I did…

K(Strawberry and Matcha Chocolates by Katie Lam 🍓🍵🍫)

These outside classes helps us more at school!

Most children in China 🇨🇳 just go out and go to each other’s house and play,or do the worst thing……Homework.s📕📗📘📙😭😭😭

Every Saturday I will go to IGC eat 小龙包 it is very delicious and and is very famous in China 🇨🇳

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