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Guangzhou is home to almost 15 million people! Most people live in tall apartment blocks. We travel to school by car or bus. Guangzhou is known as the “Garden City”. But,there is a lot OS traffic 🚥and rubbish in Guangzhou.We are trying to recycle rubbish to protect the environment in Guanzhou and our homes to have a clean city.We do not want to make our beautiful green environment dirty.

This is where I live.Maybe KangJun also live there .Danielle yeung
This is what the view is on my balcony when evening. Jacqueline Wang
My home which is in Zhujiang new town next to the IFC and the Canton tower!by Katie Lam

There is fa small mall in my town.There are many shops-pet shops, hair shops, supermarket, medicine store and laundry shops. It takes about 15 minutes on foot from my block .

Here is my home,we have a large park at the front of our house,every Saturday morning I will go to the park and walk.

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