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Cloud computing simply refers to all web services. The concept is not new, but its use is spreading and appeals to large groups as well as to small structures. This revolution is gradually pushing back software solutions, generally installed on a single computer, like Microsoft programs


The advantages of cloud computing concern both the budget allocated to the tools but also the power and the security of these decentralized tools.


1 / Multi-user

It is finished with the file opened on a computer then sent by email to a colleague so that he can add his modifications. This method requires only one user at a time. Tools in the cloud allow multiple people to work on the same file at the same time, saving a lot of time. Reactivity and productivity are only enhanced.


2/ Multi-support

 Cloud resources can be viewed from any web browser, be it Windows, Mac, or even Linux. In the same company, there may be several operating systems that will access the same tools. Better yet, these tools can be viewed on a tablet or smartphone, allowing you to always have access to company resources, even when you are away from your desk.


3 / Centralized backup

The other problem with files that are emailed is the copies of those files and the multitude of versions of the same document that can exist. How can you be sure of the accuracy of the data, when the same document exists in 20 copies? And which version should I keep? Thanks to the cloud, there is always only one version of the document and anyone can work on it regardless of the version of the document.


4 / Automatic update

How often does the IT person in the company update the software and how long does it take? This question is virtually irrelevant for online tools. On the Internet, the software is updated automatically, to ensure that users have the most up-to-date version of the software. Most often these updates are included in the price of the cloud tool and do not require a new investment for the company.


5 / Power of tools

Have you noticed how some software slows down your computer, especially when it comes to certain tasks? Cloud services pool the power of servers among all users. Knowing that all the users are not connected at the same time and that they do not all require strong computing power, the tools in the cloud can offer a very strong power that will be allocated to each person who uses the software. Thus, a computer or a smartphone with very low power only needs an internet connection to access a very powerful resource.


6 / Data security

Data security is crucial. The most beautiful of companies can fall from its pedestal, if only with a loss of its customer list. Data loss can be caused by several factors:

  • Hard drive crash

  • Laptop theft or burglary of company premises

  • Computer breach exploited by a hacker who destroys the data

  • Manual deletion of data by a disgruntled former employee

  • Fire, natural disaster ...

The cloud allows data to be decentralized on hosting services protected against fires and major risks. In addition, the data is backed up (technical term: backup) at regular intervals, which makes it possible to restore a backup in the event of accidents. so if there is an accident on your computer and you have important Microsoft files on it you can make office backup you won't miss it.


Finally, access to the data is controlled and it is possible to identify the IP address or the station used which made it possible to alter the content of the software. Thus, data is better protected when it is in the cloud than on a desktop computer.


7 / Flexibility to add users

Certain software suites require precise configuration of the workstation, sometimes bringing in an outside worker just to install the right tools and the right licenses for the software. This process can take a long time to set up and waste at least half a day for the employee. Tools in the cloud are flexible and often only require a simple small setting to add a new user.


8 / More affordable price (subscription)

The big advantage to the benefit of the cloud, the software is much more affordable. Most resources in the cloud are called SaaS (Software as a Service), meaning software that is used as a service. The price of the tool is distributed via a monthly or annual subscription, the amount of which depends on the number of employees or the features chosen.


There are therefore no huge investment costs to be made and to be profitable after "X numbers of years". Moreover, changing tools is possible in the event of non-satisfaction without impact on a significant investment.


9 / Autosaving

It is a save function supported by the tools you can download for your computer that saves the current changes in the program, which helps to reduce the size of the data in the event of problems with the device. So if you have an accident on your computer and there are very important Microsoft word files and you If you have the sos-click application installed, you will be able to get your files easily from cloud programs such as dropbox and google cloud because it can make Microsoft word autosave and you won't miss your files

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