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As a human living in a world full of different kinds of people, you are bound to meet people you love and people you absolutely detest. Most times, we classify people into these categories based on what they’ve done to us. So, you love someone because they are nice to you, while you hate someone because they are mean or have done something mean to you. This doesn’t make you a bad person; you’re just reacting to how you’ve been treated.

Now, there are times when you come across some people that you totally hate, so much so that you wish something bad would happen to them. While some just keep this as a thought, some actually bring those thoughts into reality. Some do this by creating hexes (see https://www.blackmagicmasters.com/hexes-evil-eye-curses/ ).

Hexes are evil spells that usually bring bad luck or trouble. They are charms that are used to bring harm to the person they are sent to. A hex is really powerful and has been used across all levels of history. Realists would say that there is no such thing as a hex; even if there was, it wouldn’t work. However, people who believe in hexes actually believe in their power and argue that they – hexes – are very potent.

Situations that require hate and suffering hexes

People generally use hexes on people they hate. A hex is a harmful spell, so it isn’t something you would want to use on a beloved one.  When you hex a person with hate and suffering, they begin to experience different things that would ordinarily not be happening to them. A suffering hex can be as little as a migraine, and it can be as grand as a psychological or physical illness that may lead to death.

Some other people use hexes on their enemies. It is a “dog eat dog” world, so if you aren’t vigilant, you might soon become prey to someone who holds more power than you do. Sometimes, to make sure your enemies do not catch up with you, you might need to place a hex on them. This will make them suffer and go through so much pain that you are no longer a priority on their to-do list.

Also, some use these hexes as a form of protection. You never know where and when your enemies will strike, so it is better you are prepared for that. For this reason, some people set a trap in the form of a hex. This way, they are protected from their enemies. Any unsuspecting person who would want to cause harm would walk right into a suffering hex bound to make their life a living hell.

While the system is not a commonly practiced one, there is no doubt that people all around the world still use the hate and suffering hexes to fight their daily battles. However, one has to be careful about the use of hexes. One wrong move can make the whole thing boomerang – no one wants to be the recipient of something bad that was meant for someone else.


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