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Mortal Departments

  • Brain: The Board (Directors named after different regions)

  • Muscle: Security

  • Thyroid: Human Resources

  • Motor: Mining

  • Sensory: Information/IT

  • Relay: Finance & Administration

  • Bone: Geosciences

  • Eyes: Biological Sciences

  • Heart: Psychology

  • Spirit: Mystical Sciences


Leaders [The Board]:

  1. Chairman/President: Víncente

  2. Executive officer/Vice-President

  3. These all have the same amount of power

Director of Biological Sciences 

Director of Geosciences: 

Director of Psychology

Director of Mystical Sciences

Director of Human Resources

Director of Finance and Administration

For Each Science Department:

Assistant Director

Deputy Assistant Director

Senior Advisor for ——

Administrative Manager

Senior Advisor

Data & Analytics Officer

Program director

Lead Researcher (Changes on the project)



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