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In this world, there is a force we call the mist, which separates our universe from others, but not entirely. Mythoi, echoes of entities from other domains which contain our myths and fairy-tales, can cross the mist and be reborn in people, places, and objects. The mist is the source of all that is paranormal and hard to understand, and is what powerful organizations use to secretly run the world behind the veil.

The role-play begins in the year 2077, most governments have been dismantled and many nations have fallen during the great collapse. Misthaven, one of the last remaining habitable places on earth, was built on the grounds of one of only three mystical leylines where the presence of the mist is most powerful. A combination of cyber-technology and mysticism has earned Misthaven the attention of powerful Mythoi who wish to control this source of power, and it brought forth the four factions. Vigil, Mortal, Illuminati, and Archangel, each specialized in their own way, and each having their own agenda and plan for the city.

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