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In this universe (or multiverse), the Mist of Forgetfulness, also known simply as The Mist, is older than anything in all of existence. It is the force that separates our world from others, preventing any element that crosses the boundary from influencing our world directly. Only the awakened are aware of the mist’s existence, as anyone else is effected by its glamour, making anything out of the ordinary appear normal.

What gave the mist its name, are the momentarily glimpses to other worlds that both the awakened and the sleepwalkers experience, almost like a cloud that showed an image in a single instant moment before fading away. Any idea, concept, story, or myth, supposedly originated from these glimpses, giving humans the sense that it originated from their imagination.


There are many theories of how the mist works exactly, followed with different evidence that all hold some truth to them. It is unknown, however, which theory is the most accurate.

Mortal’s layer theory

The Mortal Corps theorize that all universes exist in the exact same physical spot, but on different planes of reality that are separated by the mist, almost like layers that are made intangible to one another. The momentary glimpses are cracks in reality which seep out mist energy, and being close to a mist leyline, the cracks can be dangerous, allowing mythoi to pass through a lot easier. Mortal use these cracks to collect mist energy and use it toward their own creations.

The Mist is the Afterlife

This belief follows that we all originate from the mist, and that when we die we simply return to it until we leave it again. If there is heaven or hell, they must both be worlds that exist within the mist the same way that their world does, and that passing through the mist into these realms would take as much effort as passing into any other realm, making both heaven and hell not limited to the good and evil.

The source of Fairy Tales

Maleficient, the Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, and the Seven Dwarves all actually exist, but on other planes of existence that are separated from our own. A sleepwalker experiences a glimpse to another world, but their mind is immediately affected by the mist, made to believe it is just a story and not a real occurrence that happened, inspiring them to write it into a story to be read as legend in the years to follow.

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