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Integrated Technology

Children of today are seemed to be verse in using technology, to connect with children in this modern times teachers have to use different ways of using language and technology for them to learn and develop in a faster manner, which means speaking to children about their interest and styles of doing things, by doing this as a teacher the child becomes more interested of the different lessons that are being thought, also providing the student with computer time of movie time will enhance their ability to explain what’s going on and keep their self-esteem at a high level.

Cooperative Learning Structures

This method is used to involve interaction between teachers and children, therefore by placing children in groups gives them and idea of sharing information and working together to get the job done, by doing this children tend to work faster and achieve goals at a more efficient time.

Goal Setting

Children love to take challenges by setting goals gives them a sense of persistence always going the extra mile to get thing done, also children can take part by using organizers for them to know how much has to be done and what they need to develop on.

Cross Curriculum Teaching

This is to allow children to know how much they have learn and apply the principles and their academic values and discipline, experiences and problems which they face. This interdisciplinary is characterized by approaches to teach, it’s ways in which teachers should approach knowledge, skills and understanding of curriculum subjects. (Bevin Reinen 2015) Fig. 3

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