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Classroom Management

Within my classroom, rules will be enforced and students will be expected to follow the rules. If the rules are broken consequences will follow. Some very important rules that I plan to enforce within my classroom would be to raise your hand before speaking or getting up out of your seat, keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times, be respectful of others and their belongings, be kind to one another, and pay attention to the speaker (teacher, peers, administrators, etc.). If any of these rules are broken then consequences will follow in this exact order: first offense- warning, second offense- teacher warns once more and the student loses a privilege (no recess), third offense- student loses another privilege and teacher marks in their behavior log, fourth offense- behavior log is marked once more and a note is sent home to the parent, fifth offense- teacher calls the parents and the student get a disciplinary referral and is sent to the principles office.

Specialties I Can Offer

As a future teacher I can offer specialties in various areas. I grew up as a outdoors girl, hunting, fishing, and playing sports. Being that I have been involved in many different activities, I am able to incorporate many different ideas to lessons that I may teach as well as have a better chance of being able to relate to more students since I have experienced many different activities.

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