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Hello, Welcome to my class! My name is Miss Nettles and I will be your teacher for the year! I’m so excited to have you as my student. This class is a safe space, free of bullying and judgment. I encourage questions. My classroom is bright and colorful just like my personality! You will find my desks situated in groups, students will have new partners every week and thus will learn about their classmates and hopefully establish lifelong friendships. This will also encourage students to accept and get to know about other children of diverse backgrounds. I believe that group projects are a great way to help students broaden their ideas and understand those of others. In my classroom you will find flex seating throughout for students, I rotate by day who gets to sit where. My flex seating will consist of ben bag chairs bouncy balls that are held in place, a comfy handmade crate couch with throws and a few pillows and some cool chairs! This type of seating is great for students with ADHD and makes learning fun for other students as well! I want to accommodate for my students with special needs and who are advanced learners, as well as my on grade level students. Everyone is important! Every student has a Chrome Book and each morning they are asked to come in quietly and check to see what assignments they will be completing for that day. I love that I’m able to personalize each student’s educational games based on their proficiency! There is always an assignment or improvement a student can make if he or she finishes early. I will have rules and procedures posted on the walls and as a class we will go over them on the very first day so you know what is expected of you!

Classroom Management: My classroom management will be laid out from the first day of school and will be strictly enforced. As an effective teacher I must have control over what happens in my class and how it is handled.

  1. Bullying will NOT be tolerated.

  2. Students will always use inside voices especially while completing assignments such as quizzes and tests or daily work.

  3. When walking the halls for restroom, to lunch or activity you will use voice level 0.

  4. 1st strike: student receives a warning, 2nd strike: after a warning you will be given detention during recess and 3rd strike: you will be sent to the Principal’s office/referral

  5. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves.

  6. You raise your hands to answer a question or ask a question.

  7. Show respect to your teacher and fellow classmates and you will receive it in return.

Specialties I can offer: A specialty I can offer in my classroom is that as a teacher I can work with all students of different levels. I will set aside time in each class where I will work with students based on their level of proficiency. My students will all be assigned to a specific colored group (they will not know the meaning) and each day I will rotate out what group I work with. Whether it is my advanced, grade-level or below grade-level students. The other students will spend their time on educational games on their Chrome Book designed for their needs.

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