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This is a very simple wiki. Good news and news


We support the basics of CommonMark plus a few others:

  • Headings: “#” or “##” (wikiful only has 2 levels of headings)

  • Bullet lists: “*” or “-“

  • Numbered lists: “1.”

  • Blockquotes: “>”

  • Code blocks: "```language “ (note the space at the end)

  • *italic* AND _italic_

  • **bold** AND __bold__

  • ~~strikethrough~~

  • `code snippets`

Notably, links and images are not supported, though links will automatically get “linkafied” for the most common TLDs when pasting them in or typing them out.

Table of Contents/ Page Hierarchy

The Reorder menu item under the gear icon allows you to reoder pages by moving them under (dropping on top) ro moving them at the same level.

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