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see extensive posts by Steve in Element before reading this

see also Emacs for Poplog

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VED Manual (old Steve says out of date!)

VED Keys etc Click here for a link to a Poplog specifc PDF file showing Function Keys and Numeric Keypad in VED/XVED.

The reliable core of key-bindings is described here.

Note the ^ is short hand for the CTRL key.

4.7  The Command Line

       Key  Function                                    Ved Procedure

        ^G  Enter a command                             ENTER
    ESC ^G  Switch to/from command line                 SWITCHSTATUS
ESC RETURN  Redo command on command line                REDOCOMMAND

polog ved help

poplog help vedkeys

  1. Press <NUM LOCK> key on the numeric keypad to enable the VED Number keypad functions.


  • Mileage will vary: this may not work on your computer (laptop)/

  • To use the Numeric Keyboard function keys for VED, press the <NUM LOCK> key on your keypad after starting poplog. This may not be necessary but I did find it necessary on my computer.

  1. Use the <ENTER> key on the numeric keypad when poplog ved references <ENTER> key.

  2. Use the <ENTER> key on the keyboard when poplog ved references the <RETURN key>.

exit the poplog VED sessions:

  1. Press the <ENTER> key on the numeric key pad. This will take you to the top of the terminal and the VED command window.

  2. Type bye

  3. Press the <RETURN> key on the keyboard which is labeled the the <ENTER> key. Yes, this is confusing….

Poplog has built in tutorials for both ved and poplog in general. In the terminal window type:

poplog teach teach


poplog teach ved

This file can also be found online at

poplog help ved

poplog help helpfiles

Using Ved in "dumb terminal" mode

If you SSH to log into a machine and are running Ved you may be on a terminal where the function keys do not work as you expect them. In that case, read this article for a table of key combinations.

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