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Steve gives us a place to start …needs edit see also Books and Papers

The bundled documentation that is relevant to us is in the files described below in what is more or less a plain text format. (In fact it is a non-standard encoding of text and I would explain this spectacular own goal but I would get too annoyed if I did.)

  • poplog_base/pop/ref/* - reference documentation - these are the files we need most of all

  • poplog_base/pop/doc/* - some longer articles - my memory tells me there are a couple of useful items here

  • poplog_base/pop/help/* - how-to files mostly aimed at beginners but some are useful

  • poplog_base/pop/teach/* - tutorial files, can be ignored

I am not 100% sure as to where the build process is documented - it seems like something that was never fully covered. But I think these two files are pretty important:

And I might as well note that the syspop11 files live in poplog_base/pop/src/... by the way. Note that files with the '-' suffix are backup files from Poplog's built-in editor VED VED.

a. Is the current pop build process documented? If there is enough I will ask Michael to see if he can look at moving it to Git. It can be tested on an older kernel so the 5.8 issue should not be a blocker.

There are bits of documentation floating around - its not as well integrated as most of the Poplog docs. I will try to have a search around and see what I can dredge up in addition to the two Popc files. Whatever I come up with I will pop into a wiki page on the repo.

b. The essential structure of the code with the purpose for each major component?

Alternatively, perhaps we can record your knowledge?

I am fairly confident that the compiler itself is not well-documented. There will be material but it hasn't been collated as far as I know.

c. Syspop language guide

I believe there is some documentation. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory to a Pop-11 coder though.

d. how memory is managed - low level

No docs as far as I know. But the knowledge is fairly widely shared by people who worked on the system and a few application programmers like myself.

e. how GC works at least at the conceptual level you described.

There's a lot of hints in the system docs. I read these completely about 30(?) years ago so it would take me a little time to put my fingers on it all. But is a good place to start - section 9.

f. how to build a new Base11

Yes - I would need to go looking. I'll put it on a wiki page if I come up with anything.

g. how to build a new image

Yes - that's super easy. See:

  • pop/ref/system

  • pop/ref/popc

  • pop/ref/subsystem

h. is there a comprehensive test suite to demonstrate that it is all working?

Definitely not. But all is not lost.

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