QLS #28, 10/24/20 {{ currentPage ? currentPage.title : "" }}

Location: Charleston, SC (by the lake)


  1. Let it All Go (unreleased)

  2. All You Need is Love (cover, The Beatles)

  3. Love Me Do (cover, The Beatles)

  4. Can’t Buy Me Love (cover, The Beatles)

  5. My Love (cover, Paul McCartney)

  6. You’ll Be In My Heart (cover, Phil Collins)

  7. Sundown (cover, Gordon Lightfoot)

  8. Make Up Your Mind

  9. Down Memory Lane (N’est Pas song)

  10. A Boy Named Sue (cover, Johnny Cash)

  11. I’ll Be There For You (cover, Bon Jovi)

FB Link: https://fb.watch/3yT-LFQhb5/

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