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Youtube has a huge collection of videos and a world no 1 video-sharing website. This is one of the best video platforms for all who love to watch videos rather than reading content. yes, this great platform but sometimes out of coverage and slow internet connection becoming frustrating things. downloading youtube videos offline can solve these two problems. youtube provides this option but this is not shareable to others. so this work was done with the help of a youtube video downloader. 

thousands of youtube to mp3 converter tools available on the internet is Confusing things. In this article, we will compare all these tools and try to find the best tool that is fast downloading, easy to use, and Without spammy ads and malware-free advertisements.  


There are a few websites that allow downloading video easily and without annoying YTmp3 is one of them. Around 120 Million people use this website for downloading youtube Audio (Mp3 and others formats) and videos (Mp4 and others formats). 

YTmp3 vs other downloaders


Fast downloading and Easy to use 

Ads-free experience

Direct Upload video in Google Drive and Dropbox

Not required to download Extension, software, and Application

How to download youtube video step by step with YTmp3

First, copy the video URL link from the search bar and if you are an Android user press the share button and copy the link 

Open - website in your browser 

Past URL in the website box and press download button whatever quality and format you want.


Keepvid is another great stuff for downloading youtube videos and Audio. This software is available and you can use it online. 

the benefit of Keepvid 

Download 4K video quality.

No downtime 

How to use Keepvid

Firstly decide you want to install software or use a website.

Download software from

Installed software in your pc or laptop 

Past URL in the software

Using website 

Open website - 

Past URL in the download box

press download button 

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