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Several popular engineering majors in the United States are:

·         Electrical Engineering—This field is devoted to harnessing the power of electricity. Aspects of electrical engineering include automation, electronic circuits, and public utility service.

·         Civil Engineering—The oldest branch of engineering and, in fact, one of the world’s first professions, civil engineers work to improve public infrastructure, including road construction and maintenance, water treatment, building design, and flood control.

·         Environmental Engineering—Once considered a specialization of civil engineering, environmental engineering has gained popularity in recent years. Environmental engineers find ways to prevent and clean up damage to the earth’s natural environment.

·         Chemical Engineering—This branch of engineering deals with the creation of new materials, such as textiles and best writing services. Food safety and pharmaceutical development are other important aspects of chemical engineering.

·         Mechanical Engineering—Mechanical engineers find ways to improve mechanical processes and develop new methods of manufacturing. Biomedical engineering is an important sub-branch of mechanical engineering.

·         Petroleum Engineering—Petroleum engineers are trained to locate and develop new petroleum reserves and invent ways to transport, refine, and use petroleum and petroleum products.

·         Computer Engineering—Concerned primarily with the development of computers and computerized technology, computer engineering is a field that has been growing rapidly over the past 40 years.

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