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Water is one of the most important steps when planting a garden. However, you will need to study the individual plants and seeds that you have planted to determine their specific needs. You never want to underwater or over water your garden area.

Although I have found that most vegetable gardens require a good soaking weekly to water deeper so that the roots will go deeper and make the plants stronger and healthier.


You will find that certain best plant identification app and vegetables will need additional nutrients after they have been planted. Fertilizer helps plants and vegetables to grow and flourish, and it can be purchased from a lawn and garden store.

Pest Control

The key to getting a handle on pest control is to maintain a healthy plant and garden. However, if you are still having a problem with garden pests, you can purchase commercial pesticides, or you can make a natural pesticide mix at home.

Getting rid of unwanted pests, like the slugs that keep trying to invade our vegetable garden, will help you to maintain a beautiful plant, flower and vegetable garden.

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