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McGill Law Firm specializes in services as a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mobile AL and represents cases not just within The States, but also as an Offshore Accident Lawyer. We have helped many individuals and their grieving families get the right compensation for a maritime injury. We are a law firm that doesn’t take cases from organizations or corporates and represents users since 1982. Appended are the reasons when you would want to receive our services:

•Someone crashed into your boat or your ship crashes into another vessel

•Your loved one drowned in a cruise ship pool

•You or your loved one fell overboard while on a cruise ship

•You get injured due to cruise line shore excursion

•A wrongful death occurred, or you get injured while on a drillship, fishing boat, cargo ship, tanker, yacht or other vessels

•You are injured or assaulted on a cruise ship

We never charge upfront, and only present a bill to our clients when we win the case for you. As a law firm, we are always fair in our approach, and don’t charge our clients if we are unable to get the verdict in their favour.

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