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Work at sea is a dangerous job, and when maritime workers are injured or lose their life during their work, it has to be dealt with by an Offshore Injury Lawyer. The medical bills of the maritime workers are huge as they go through some serious conditions. Offshore workers have legal rights, and the workers can get compensation when injured during their work. Maritime law is completely different from land-based law, so they need special help from lawyers who are well versed in maritime law.

How Can Offshore Injury Lawyers Help?

People working in offshore industries know how dangerous it can be at sea. So the law does all it can to help them. The job hazards the seamen face every day like injuries, and even death or illness, can be compensated, and the right lawyer will know how to help the families who have gone through these traumatic events.

The law protects maritime workers like:


•Offshore drilling rig employees

•Port workers

•Cargo loaders and unloaders

And many other maritime workers and are fully protected by law. The Offshore Injury Attorney can help them fight the concerned authority.

Why Do Maritime Workers Need an Offshore Injury Lawyer?

When maritime workers are injured, the law gives them the right to claim compensation. This helps them with medical bills and other living expenses while they recover. This compensation is known as maintenance and cure, and it is clearly stated in the provisions of general maritime law.

Most of the time, the employers deny any responsibility on their part as this costs them money, and also their reputation is at stake. Sometimes they also blacklist the workers, and the workers don’t find a job anywhere else. An Offshore Injury Attorney can help these maritime workers to get proper compensation. Most of these lawyers don’t take any up-front fee because they understand that the workers cannot give their fees. They take fees after the worker has won the case.

When Can a Maritime Worker Sue the Employer?

Any accident that occurs during work on an offshore industry and mostly if it occurs due to the following reasons:

•Accidents that happen because of inadequate safety training

•If proper checking is not done to ensure that the pieces of equipment are in order and are working properly

•If proper safety gear and protective clothing is not provided by the company

•If the worker doesn’t get proper rest periods and breaks

•If the employers don’t check for dangerous debris

•If the ladders are not checked regularly for maintenance

All the above can cause accidents, and the worker can claim compensation if injured due to the lack of proper facilities and due to the negligence of the employer.

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