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An emotional support animal or commonly referred to as an esa letter for dog is not just an ordinary pet but a companion too. by definition an emotional support animal is an animal that has been trained to provide emotional support to the owner, alleviate the mental stresses and provide company, comfort, and support too.


An emotional support animal is often prescribed by doctors or healthcare professionals for the person who is suffering from some mental or emotional issues. Once a person is prescribed an emotional support animal, he or she has to then get an emotional support animal letter. This letter is a legal document that permits a person to keep a pet as emotional support and is signed by a medical or healthcare professional.


Once a person gets the letter written and signed by doctors, he or she then uses the same ESA letter for housing by showing it to the landlord. Using the letter can allow a person to keep a pet that is used as an ESA animal even when the pet is not allowed in the housing society. Henceforth, having a legal document permitting the ownership of an ESA animal is the first step in keeping the animals.


Once done with all the prerequisites the ESA animal can then be used for the purpose for which it is prescribed, which is emotional support, mental stability, and companionship. An legitimate esa letter can also be used for taking the ESA animals on a flight while the owner travels from one city to another or one state to another. Generally, the species of animals used for emotional support are not restricted; however, cats and dogs are most commonly used for their friendly nature and because they are easy to be trained.


Once a person applied for an emotional support animal and got legal ownership of it, then the question might pop up in mind: is the effort worth it or would the animal be actually supported and alleviate mental health issues? This article will provide a detailed answer to this question and validation of how an emotional support animal, especially a cat can be used to sort out mental health problems.


Additionally, the students have many pressures in their daily life which they are unable to cope with due to their vulnerable nature. Henceforward the mental health advantages of an ESA cat will be discussed precisely in the coming sections. Alarmingly the prevalence of mental health issues in students is continuously increasing especially in developed countries like the United States of America. Hence, students are in dire need of psychological help which can be provided by ESA cats and dogs.


Mood turbulence, suicidal thoughts, and tendencies, addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, drained out energies are some of the mental health problems found in students. However, many students and even parents and teachers brush it under the carpet considering it a part of routine life and the stress of academics. However, when ignored for a longer period of time these issues become so severe that they need proper treatments, medications, and expensive therapies.


An ESA is certified for providing benefits to and curing mental health problems like depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, chronic stress, attention deficit disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. it is a widely researched and developed fact that when a person holds emotional support animals and keeps them close to them it releases stress, normalizes their heart rate and also blood pressure, and hence reduces any tension or depression in the brain cells.


An ESA is also more helpful than a counselor as it can provide 24 7 support and this support can be obtained without booking an appointment, traveling to the psychiatrist's psychologist’s office, or paying the consultation fee. Hence, the support provided by these animals is not only enormously helpful for mental health but also unique too and especially helpful for students since they can not afford costly treatments, medications, and therapy sessions.


The ESAs are trained to provide love and care to owners even more than any regular pet. They can identify when their owner shows signs of anxiety or stress and can provide comfort to them. It has been proven by scientific research that the love and closeness of an ESA can result in the release of a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone controls the functioning of some major body organs and is related to behavioral aspects of an individual "how to get an esa letter" too. Hence, when it is released it results in overall composed and calm behavior in an otherwise stressed-out teenager or a student.


ESAs also can help students living away from families for the purpose of acquiring knowledge to get rid of loneliness, worry, depression, and irritability. A study on the companionship effects of ESA explicitly noted the effect of ESA cats on depression, despair, anxiety, and mood on college students was conducted recently, in the study it was revealed that stroking and close contact with ESA cats could be highly effective in reducing these conditions and making students relieved from the stresses of campus life.


ESAs have enormous mental health benefits and an added advantage too. generally, universities and colleges have a no pet policy in implementation, especially in dormitories. These strict no-pet rules can only be changed or made flexible if the pet is an ESA. Therefore, an Emotional Support Dog and comfort can be taken along in the dorm rooms and the students would no longer feel lonely in educational institutes living away from families.


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