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ESAs are not ordinary pets but are especially recommended pets by a mental health specialist. This recommendation is made based on the thorough assessment and examination of the mental health condition of an individual for at least a period of six months. When the specialist gets satisfied that the person under examination surely needs an ESA, he or she recommends the ESA to the individual using an emotional support animal letter. An alarmingly high number of the citizens of the United States of America suffer from mental health issues despite the state being the most developed country in the world. This fact raises many eyebrows about the quality of life the human beings are living in the so-called most modernized and technologically driven era.

Even a large number of cases of mental health illnesses go unreported every year due to cultural aspects, stigmas that surround the subject, or various other reasons. Such a high prevalence of the issue calls for an enormous dependence upon the available solutions to cure the issue. However, not always the medications and therapies can be provided to each and every one.

To solve the issue of evergrowing mental illnesses, experts have come up with the idea of using pets as emotional support animals a few decades ago. The main idea behind this is to help the people undergoing mental disturbances in their life get support, and companionship from their pets and that too from the comfort of their own homes, without any additional monetary burden.

Emotional support animals (ESAs) have recently become very famous and many people have started to incorporate the idea into their lives.  However, with the increase of the fame and usage of these animals, the confusion surrounding the laws and regulations on ESAs has also increased.

The ESA is recommended using a letter written on the letterhead of the specialist with his or her stamp and operation license number. This document or the ESA letter transforms the pets into an ESA or a person can also get a new animal that he or she wants to use as an ESA.

Generally, pet owners have to follow special rules and codes of conduct of the places that they live in, or while they are vacationing or traveling through the air. However, once a person gets the letter, then along with this letter comes many other privileges too.

However, many people get confused about the privileges and end up getting scammed or either being charged for keeping ESAs where they should not be legally charged. One of the most commonly witnessed issues for ESA owners is that their landlords either do not let them keep their ESAs with them or demand a hefty amount from them in return for granting them permission to possess their ESAs.

The best possible solution to this problem is to get to know the complete details of the laws that are made for the ESAs. In this article, a brief discussion of one of the major laws of ESAs that is the fair housing act will be carried out. Through this discussion, one can find out why the landlords can NOT charge anyone for keeping their ESAs in their houses.

The rights of ESA owners are protected through two main laws. One of them is the fair housing society act. Under this law, it is highly illegal and completely prohibited for the landlords, or owners of the houses to not let people with a mental health issue or psychological disability, stay with the ESAs or service dogs in the houses or societies that these landlords own.

It is also prohibited for the landlords to demand an application different than the letter written by the psychologists or a rental fee, additional charges for allowing the ESAs, or any specific qualification certificate.

The only requirement for the fair housing society act to be applicable and implementable throughout the United States of America is that the owner of the ESA shall own the original and authentic ESA recommendation letter.

The ESA by no means is an ordinary pet! Once you encounter any landlord who asks for the fee to allow your ESA claiming that he has no pet policy or simply refuse your ESA to enter society, the only thing you have to show them is that you have a legitimate emotional support dog letter and aviation.

Although there are a few scenarios listed below where a landlord can refuse an ESA, he has to have substantial evidence showing that the claims on which the ESA is refused are true and genuine. These scenarios include:

  • ESA becomes a source of administrative, programmatic, financial, or other sorts of repercussions if the house or the society is owned by the landlord.

  • ESA causes risk for other residents.

  • The society only has four units and one of them is occupied by the landlord himself.

  • The rented homes are single-family homes.

  • The applicant does not qualify for an ESA.

  • The ESA has a massively huge size, for instance, it is a horse.

Apart from these conditions, never when you own the letter can your landlord deny you to keep your ESA with you or demand any additional fee from you. If still, your landlord insists on evicting you or refusing your esa letter online, do the following:

  • Register a complaint against your landlord by contacting the housing and urban development (HUD) department.

  • Ask any lawyer to write a strong and assertive legal notice to the landlord.

  • Contact a legal ESA letter for housing expert and follow his instructions and guidance.

However, the only key is to know your rights well and never give up on them!!

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