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It isn't always possible that everything works in the same way as you have planned and a problem while using PayPal is a very common scenario. But, worry not because PayPal Customer Service has got you covered. There are numerous situations where you might get in such a situation where finding out a possible solution to get rid of a particular problem cannot be done. So, what I would suggest you is to seek assistance from experts rather than complicating the problem even more.

Issues PayPal Customers Service can help you with

If you have any query related to one of the following categories or topics, you can get seek immediate help:

  • For forgotten passwords and regaining account access

  • In case your payment is on hold or it got declined or you want a refund

  • To know more about setting up your account

  • For queries related to adding your bank account

  • In order to raise disputes regarding payments or chargebacks

  • For queries on non-profit donations

  • I case you are eager to know about PayPal Credit or prepaid cards

Apart from the topics mentioned above, PayPal customer Service always has your back for any other issue that is not listed here. After knowing the possible scenarios PayPal can help you with, we shall know the probable methods to get instant help.

Here's how you can get help

Below I have given links for easy navigation so that getting help through PayPal Customer Service is easy for you:

  • Get help through community forums

Go to PayPal customer service and agree to the terms. After that, you can search for the related help topics or ask the community about the solution to your issue.

  • Use PayPal Resolution Center

Visit PayPal customer service and log in to your account. After that, you can raise a dispute for a refund.

  • Message PayPal

You can also message PayPal about the issue you are facing. For this, you can go to PayPal customer service and log in. once you log in successfully, provide all the details of the problem you are facing, and PayPal Customer Service experts will come up with a solution to your query.


To conclude, we can say that PayPal offers amazing customer service to the users whenever they find themselves in a difficult situation. This is one of the reasons why people continue to use it despite having issues.

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