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Jealousy is supposed to be an instigator to mate-guarding behavior and a powerful motivator of tingles in women and protectiveness in men.

So the way some girls react when other girls seemingly make a move on their men, or might make a move, is interesting.

On Loveawake dating site I hear many girls describe the necessity of protecting your territory. I don’t quite understand this concept because my perspective is that one should let other people make their own decisions, evaluate whether one can live with those decisions, and react accordingly.

Respecting Individuality

If a girl is after a guy who is “mine” or who I simply “want,” I don’t feel it’s my place to force him to act a certain way.  If I don’t like how he reacts, I can leave him.

There is no point in trying to deflect potential rivals.  If a guy I’m seeing wants to leave me for someone else, he’s going to do that no matter what I try to do – behind my back, if not in front of my face.

I would hope for similar expectations from a guy I’m seeing.  Assistance can be great sometimes, but it’s ultimately up to me to choose who I like better, right?

So shouldn’t we all respect the right of every person to do what is right for them? We can always move on, after perhaps making it known why we’re leaving.  Sometimes guys will adjust their behavior if they like a girl enough (a.k.a. making a “tradeoff” or “sacrifice” for the greater good of the relationship).

With a man, I feel he needs to choose me above all other options out there.  I will not settle for being someone’s second or third choice; I need to be his number one.  All I can do is bring my best GirlGame and be the best partner I can possibly be.

Keeping What is Yours

However, many people seem to feel that a girl needs to protect her man-property.

Does this work?  Would a man respond favorably to a girl he’s seeing actively chasing away competitors? What I’ve seen some girls recommend and do:

  • If a woman comes after your man, scare off the b*tch. Give her dirty looks, grab onto your man’s arm, french kiss him at that moment while looking at her (haha, he’s all mine), etc. I came across a random article about manipulation tactics yesterday that includes bullying like this.

  • If your guy responds favorably to a woman who is obviously flirting with him, make her look bad. Point out flaws and other turn-offs to poison any attraction he may have toward her; say things like you saw her at the laser hair removal center getting her mustache removed, talk about how she’s dated around, is a party girl, has smelly feet, etc.

  • Keep you man in your sights as much as possible. Don’t let him go out alone too much. Limit the time he spends with his buddies. You never know who he might meet! If he does go out, make sure you check in with him constantly so that he doesn’t go after someone else.

  • Don’t let your man travel without you. Make him reject travel opportunities with work. Or, go with him any time he does travel.

  • Limit all of his social interactions. Keep him away from his friends who are bad influences. Frame it so that you are always doing things together; you see friends as a couple now, not as individuals.

  • Demand he break off friendships with any ex-girlfriends or female friends. Accuse him of not caring and trying to hurt you any time you see him enjoying chatting with someone of the opposite sex.

  • If you are married, keep him busy working hard or being a dad (have lots of kids and make sure to train them to ask for “Daddy Daddy” as much as possible). Tell him to take the kids to parks and other locations you’ve scoped out previously as having unattractive women.

  • Influence him to stay away from venues where there will be hotter girls. Make him think there are not a lot of good girls out there. If he seems to think one of your girlfriends is cool, make sure to tell him all her dirty secrets to poison his mind against her.

To me, the above behavior sounds annoying and controlling, possibly cruel. Doing the above doesn’t just sound like a series of shit tests that a man sufficient in Game can bat away with a few well-placed negs, spankings, or dominance.

Doing What’s Best

Do you think girls should worry about other girls who may have designs on their men?  If so, what’s the best way to handle those situations in the moment and otherwise?

Or should a woman let a man do as he wishes, and if she doesn’t like it, simply leave?

If a girl is too cool about potential rivals, does this make it seem like she doesn’t really care?

What if she doesn’t want to end up like Elin Woods?  Should Elin have been traveling with Tiger everywhere he went and monitoring his behavior more?  She did give him too much free reign?


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