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Digital graphic designers are a group of talented and skilled individuals who work for a company and help them to communicate to their target audience virtually. The role of a graphic designer includes creating art and designing the layout of a website and making it possible to display it in print and electronic media like books, newspapers, designing logos for a firm, advertising, and for other requirements of a business.

The specialization of digital graphic designers covers a large area. It includes computer graphics, advertisements, digital and web page design, logo design, and illustrations. But being a graphic designer is not the end of their career. They can grow to be a design director. Just imagine how much you can earn!

But before you plan on becoming a graphic designer just because of the money, you should give it a rest and first try to find out what a digital graphic designer does.

What is the work of a graphic designer?

Digital graphic designers use either software or their hands to come up with a design. They make use of the concept of visualization to create something inspiring, interesting, and informative for the target audience of a company. They can even be approached to design an app, advertisements, magazines, and more.

What is the salary of a graphic designer in India?

The salary for graphic design in India is based upon the experience of the designer. A freelancer in India can earn somewhere around Rs. 90k to Rs. 525k. Also, a junior graphic designer can earn somewhere around Rs. 236k annually and a senior graphic designer can earn around Rs. 495k annually. According to a report from Payscale, the average salary of a graphic designer in India is Rs.299k. Also, the salary of a graphic designer depends largely on their skill and the experience that they have.

Given below are some of the trending jobs of graphic design in India and the salary they can get.

  1. Multimedia Designer

As the name suggests, Multimedia Designers are known for creating multimedia tools and other presentations. These are a great way of promoting a brand, products, and services. A multimedia designer can also be in charge of the team of web designers in an organization. Many times, they can also be hired to design case studies, infographics, and other reports. The average salary earned by a multimedia designer is somewhere around Rs.356k.

  1. Art Designer

Another job in graphic design in India is that of an Art Designer. The job of an art designer is to coordinate the concept and design in order to promote the printed form in commercials or a website. The main role of an art director is to focus on the concepts and also assign tasks to artists, photographers, and graphic designers. Presently, the average salary of an art director in India is around Rs. 650k.

  1. UX Designer

User Experience (UX) Designer is someone who is allotted the task to create functional and attractive designs for the users or the customers. The designer has to make sure that the designs he/she creates should be easy to access by the customers. It is also expected of a UX designer to keep himself/herself updated with the latest trends in UX. As per Payscale, the average salary of a UX Designer is around Rs 609k annually.

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