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It becomes difficult for many students to write the limitations for the research paper. Mostly they find difficulty while identifying them or explaining them. However, now you don’t have to worry about writing the limitations for your research paper as this article will guide you to make it easier. So, you need to read this article further and get all the paper help on one page. 


But first, let’s know why the limitation is important in a research paper. It is important because the reader needs to be aware of the restraint of the research. So now, let’s know how to identify the limitation in the research paper. 


Identify the Limitation 


While writing the research paper, it is necessary to identify the limitation that has affected your research. But also remember not to write all the points as it should contain only 10-20% of the discussion regarding the control. So, without identifying it, you won’t be able to move further for findings and answer the research question. So, make sure you identify the limitation and also describe how important it is for your study. 


Explain the Limitation 


Now you need to explain the restraint that how it affected your study after identifying the limitation. It should be written in 60-70 percent of your discussion. There should be a proper explanation for the control that occur in your study. Explain the role of the obstacle in the results to prove why you have taken the limiting method for your research. But also remember not to suffer in the quality of the whole research paper. 


Some Common Methodological Limitation


According to the paper writing experts, some common methodological limitations that should be addressed in your study effectively. 


Issue with Sampling - It is the most common problem as many times researchers find issues in sampling the evidence. 


Insufficient Size of Sample - The problem occurs when the size of the sampling is not appropriate to conduct valid research. 


Lack in Previous Research - While studying the topic, you might found a lack in previous researches. So, by this also you can have your limitation. 


Techniques and Methods Used in Research- Many researchers do not use appropriate techniques and methods to do the research. So, while doing the research, you should know the techniques and use them at the appropriate place.  


So, this is how you can write your obstacle in your research paper. This guide could help you to identify the limitations and explain them precisely. So make sure you read this article before writing it in the research paper. It can surely fulfill your paper help requirements. You will be able to secure an A+ in your assessment if you write the limitations in this way in your research document. Now, you don’t have to worry as this guide has made it easier for you to write the restrain.

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