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Everyone dreams of getting the best job opportunity. But not all people succeed in getting their dream jobs. Many factors are responsible for the rejection. Poor font selection is one of them. It makes the CV imperfect because the content is not legible due to the imperfect font. You should pick the best font for CV because it plays a vital role to make the CV impressive. If you want to know how the font is helpful to produce a perfect CV, then read below.


Why Font Matters A lot in the CV? 


Often you provide the necessary information in the CV, but when the font is not perfect, then it looks unclear and unpleasant. And then whatever you write don't look proper. The recruiter can make a perception about you even before seeing you if the CV is not perfect.


Impeccable presentation of the information in the CV shows that the candidate is perfect for the role. So, you must have understood now that the selection of the proper font is very important. 


Some examples of the fonts for headings are mentioned below. Have a look at them and secure your job this time.

1. Times New Roman: Most of the recruiters accept the CV written in times new roman. When you use it in the heading, then give it 18 points size.


2. Cambria: Sometimes this font is also called new times new roman. Cambria is a replacement for new times roman. It retains legibility even at a small size. 


3. Arial: This font is clean and neutral. If you use it, then you can make the text of the paper legible and impressive.


4. Calibri: If you use this font, then you can make the text interesting and professional. It's clear and legible too.


5. Helvetica: Most of the recruiters accept the CV written in this font because it is modern and clear.


6. Georgia: It doesn’t feel old. You can easily give a new touch to the CV by using it. Georgia is specially designed for on-screen reading.


Most of the recruiters accept the CV written in these fonts. You can pick any one and write your CV in this font. If you lack writing skills and think that you can’t prepare a perfect CV then you can reach the Assignment Desk. We have professional UK writers. They know very well in which font the headings and the content of the CV should be written. You will not have to worry about the selection and look here and there in search of the best font for CV if you seek writing assistance.

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