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You will find here an excellent guide to female masturbation

Find the right moment, use supports to get excited…

For my part, I was still struggling recently to guide my flock to the heights of solitary pleasure for two reasons:

Everyone likes different things, there is no manual for masturbation..

I started masturbating at the age of 13. hard for me to theorize such an instinctive activity.

Plus, since my early childhood, I masturbated EXACTLY the same way and climaxed in 3.12 seconds, EVERYTHING.

Almost boring at the end.

until sex toys have finally entered my life.

and I decided to get a sex toy for myself. You can get one from xinghaoya, it is a sex store on the internet that sells sex toys for women and they have the best service and materials and they keep everything in secret.

I told myself it was time to rediscover masturbation. To even reinvent it, let's not be afraid of words. To move up a gear, or the next level if you prefer.

In short, it was time that I learned to masturbate like a goddess.

These few tips offer you to make masturbation a real date with yourself, and not just a mechanical marathon, towards a little zero orgasm.

This is a bit of mindfulness masturbation that I am offering you here. Aaaah, neuroscience will definitely never cease to fascinate me.

The main directions of this art of letting go are aimed at a wide audience:

  • Those that begin completely in touching the vulva

  • Those who want to know more about their body, their sexual potential, and possibly to enjoy sex with a partner

Delay clit touch

The glans of the clitoris are the tip of this great iceberg. It is the most sensitive place in ALL human anatomy (8000 nerve endings in my mouth)

So it's easy to rub it against just about anything to feel pleasure.

But as the goddess of universal sexual energy, you want your masturbation to be a full-body experience, and that's okay.


For this, you can use an oil that you love and spend time massaging the chest, stomach, groin, thighs ...

This will awaken your whole body as an erogenous zone and make it a more intense experience than if you only focused on the clitoris.

Take your time

It's OK to have a quickie with yourself and make you cum faster than lightning.

But to train in more conscious masturbation, you can give yourself as much time as when you take your shower in the hotel (me when the hot water is free, I profit from it).

Connecting to your breathing by prolonging inhales and exhales is a good way to free the mind to anchor in the present.

The goal is to connect more with your sexuality, it is about tasting each sensation and slowly building the pleasure.

Try something new

It's very easy to fall into a good old-fashioned handjob routine.

Once you find what works, the same pattern can be repeated over and over again with great results.

But trying different movements or places each time trains you to experience pleasure in a variety of forms.

This prevents the brain from getting stuck in habits and always following the same neural “highways”.


  • If you still touch yourself on the back, try on the stomach

  • If you only touch your clitoris, try things with your G-spot, your anus, your chest ...

  • If you're still doing a circular motion, try to touch yourself up and down, And so on, and so on.

  • if you didn't try sex toys I think you should try them. it will give you a better experience

Here are the emotions

Many women feel ashamed of touching themselves.

Too bad because masturbation is something normal, healthy, and the feeling of guilt is not very enjoyable.

Practicing love for yourself, your body, your fantasies is a good way to develop positive emotions around masturbation. It is not only worked on during self-sex but on a daily basis, and it is a long job.

Fiddling around can also bring up feelings of sadness, anger, or make you feel weird or completely wild ... It's time to welcome whatever might arise, to release all of that thanks to the healing power of sex.

Concretely, this means not hesitating to make noise, even speak, tremble, roll back your eyes… Go crazy.



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