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What is Smart TV? Well, it's a kind of smart TV. It is connected to the Internet and offers many more features than just the ability to watch TV channels.

Birth of the Smart TV thanks to the Internet

Connected television, or Smart TV, is an idea that saw the light of day in the 1970s, but it was not until 1994 that the first patent was filed. The first connected TVs appeared on the market in the early 2000s, but the models were not really very successful. The interfaces and functionality are simple, but it is especially the low internet speed that does not make the product attractive.

With the development of broadband and the democratization of the Internet as well as connected objects, Smart TV has since progressed and has become part of the daily life of many people. In 2018, 33% of households were equipped with it.

What is a connected television?

“Smart TV” is used to designate any flat-screen television connected to the Internet. This connection allows a whole range of functions to be added to the TV and today's models are more like a computer than old cathode ray tubes!

Connected television, therefore, makes it possible to surf the Internet, but this is far from being its main interest. You can install applications and widgets there, connect to your TV from your smartphone or watch streaming movies and series.

Smart TV also offers improved image quality, with high-performance flat screens and, of course, high definition.

How does Smart TV work?

The operation of a Smart TV is very simple. It is a television connected to the Internet via the network installed at your home. The connection can be done in three different ways:

·        By an Ethernet cable connected to your box.

·        By WiFi.

·        By a CPL (Line Carrier Current) adapter, plugged into the mains and connected to your home's WiFi.

We generally prefer the television connected in WiFi , the solution which is quite simply the least cumbersome and which does not require more equipment than your Internet box.

Having a connected television therefore necessarily requires an Internet connection. Television connected via a box is therefore essential, in particular a subscription offering broadband, and even better: fiber. Your Internet subscription should also include television, and ideally options like VOD or streaming platforms.

Finally, the Smart TV remote control is usually supplied with the television and allows you to use all the connected features

Connected TV: why take advantage of it?

What are the advantages that can convince you to switch to connected TV?

The advantages of Smart TV

The connected television has multiple functions that are both fun and practical. You can enjoy a connected TV with YouTube or a Smart TV with Netflix.

More precisely, what is possible:

·        Of applications and widgets: weather, Netflix and YouTube, therefore, Google Drive, Radio, Spotify, games ...

·        Internet access to check sites

·        The video on demand

·        The DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which makes it easy to share media files (music, videos, pictures) from your smartphone

Your Smart TV will therefore accompany you in your daily life, and not just for watching films or TV channels. Connected television is also another way of enjoying your leisure activities and accessing your music, files, information, etc.

How to install an application on Smart TV?

The precise process for installing a Smart TV application will depend on the brand of your television.

You will generally have to connect to your television and go to the main menu from where you can access the applications. On a TCL Android TV, for example, with one press on the button on your remote and then select Apps. You just have to choose the category that interests you, then the application to install it.

How to watch streaming movies on Smart TV?

To watch movies and series streaming on a connected TV, you must install an application that allows you to do so, and have a subscription to this streaming platform if necessary.

You can therefore install Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, or even YouTube and watch streaming videos from your television by accessing these applications.

Finally, the Smart TV also allows you to access the replay of certain television programs, or even record them to watch them whenever you want.


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