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Welcome to My Classroom

Welcome to my first-grade class. I want to make sure your child will have a great experience in this class.  Clear out space on your refrigerator, because we have many hands-on projects to do. Your child will learn many thing here though fun activities and projects that will get them thinking.

Each student will be treated with respect, we will not tolerate bulling. This will be my first-year teaching and for many of my students this will be their first year in school, so we will learn together.

I would like parents to be involved in their child’s learning as well, so please contact me if you are willing to help with parties or with any class projects. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns as well. I use ClassDojo in my class so you will be able to easily view how you child does each day and we will be able to communicate very effective thought the year.  

Classroom Management


·         Raise your hand to talk or ask questions

·         No talking in the hallways

·          Always ask for permission to go to the bathroom

·         Keep your hands to yourself

·         If it’s not nice, don’t say it

·         Clean up after yourself

Some rules will be established by the students themselves and will be posted as soon as they are made.

The consequences of breaking the rules may result in a call to the parents, silent lunch, or having to do book work instead of one of the fun projects. I plan on having the students help me establish some of the consequences as well as rewards for a job well done. This will help make them feel like this is their classroom as opposed to mine.

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