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Philosophy of Teaching

Humanism, constructivism, and parts behaviorism are the philosophies that I agree with most. The content taught in a class should be diverse to help every student learn. With many different outlets for information to be received, more students will learn the material no matter which learning style works best for them. This philosophy allows students to help with classroom rules and organization.These concepts are fallow the humanism philosophy.

Constructivism goes hand in hand with humanism.  Students are allowed to express themselves in their work. Often class discussions and debates are a big point, sharing ideas and opinions can help students learn by allowing them to understand other’s opinions as opposed to just their own.

Behaviorism may be difficult to balance along with the other two philosophies, but routine and order in the class is crucial for having a good learning environment. Insuring the environment is well suited for learning and students know what is going to happen next, helps get them in a learning mind set. All expectations for students should be clear and to the point and they should understand them.


I was Beta club my senor year of high school and graduated eighth in my class. I have gotten on the deans list four times throughout my collage career and have earned two associates degrees.

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