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The marketing funnel is very important for companies that want to generate more conversions and sales of their products and services. After all, only those who practice a strategy that help you adapt to new consumption habits can meet the demands of an increasingly demanding public.

Market competitiveness has increased considerably over the last few years and, therefore, companies must be able to innovate every day to ensure increased profitability.

Among the innovations that we can see in large corporations, for example, is the change in how products and services are sold. strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like blue world city Islamabad

To give you an idea, in the past, everything was sold by force to the consumer, which ended up leaving him very dissatisfied.

Now, the sales methods used are different, and today entrepreneurs are using a strategy called marketing funnel, which aims to pass useful information to consumers before they decide to close a purchase with the brand.

Want to know what a marketing funnel is and how to educate your market with this strategy? So check out our post to clear up all your doubts!

·         After all, what is a marketing funnel?

·         Know the steps of the marketing funnel

·         Understand the importance of the marketing funnel

·         Bet on the marketing funnel to generate more conversions

After all, what is a marketing funnel?

The first step to start educating your market efficiently is to know what a marketing funnel is.

Also because in any work you need to know the theory so that the practice can then be successfully carried out.

To better contextualize the idea of ​​a marketing funnel, it is necessary to understand that marketing has long been used as an invasive methodology, which interrupts a person's activity with unnecessary advertising.

On television, for example, it was common for viewers to have their favorite shows interrupted by an advertisement placed in the middle of it.

The truth is that big brands still do this, as these actions still give good results.

However, it is necessary that all trends are geared towards Inbound Marketing which, in case you don't remember, is Attraction Marketing.

That's because with it you get to know the needs of your entire target audience, in order to offer the best solutions to their problems, while attracting them voluntarily to buy your brand's products and services.

And to be able to close a deal with all your leads, Inbound respects the journey of each one of them through a strategy called a marketing funnel.

In it, the monitoring of the evolution of the potential consumer is made in three stages, which correspond to all phases of a shopping journey, as we can see below:

  • Funnel Top (learning and discovery);

  • Middle of Funnel (considering the problem);

  • Funnel Fund (purchase decision).

And for your strategy to be assertive, you need to understand very well how each of the steps in the marketing funnel works, which is exactly what we'll cover in the next topic.

Know the steps of the marketing funnel

Now you know what a marketing funnel is and are ready to learn how this strategy works in practice.

Therefore, pay close attention to the description of the stages below to know how your company should act in each of them:

Funnel Top                                          

The first step in the marketing funnel is the Top of the Funnel, also known as Tofu (Top of the funnel), in which leads don't have a specific solution to look for or don't even know if they're having a problem.

Therefore, you should focus your actions on identifying the problem, investing in techniques and strategies that reach all these potential customers, such as:

  • Blog;

  • Social networks;

  • Paid ads;

  • Campaigns.

No wonder, in the Top Funnel stage, it is recommended not to use technical terms or contents which have great depth in the subject, since your potential customers do not yet know your company's products or services.

Therefore, here the materials you create should cover topics in general, using an easy-to-understand language, in order to help the reader when identifying the problem.

So the tip for reaching leads at the Top of Funnel is: try to collect information from readers so that you can get in touch with them again by sending in other types of useful and relevant materials.

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Middle of Funnel

Well, at the Top of Funnel, you can see that there is a relevant number of leads from your brand that, however, will not research in depth about what you have to offer them.

However, those who have their attention called, accessing other content on your company's blog, for example, will have more questions as time goes by and, therefore, will seek solutions to their problems.

Therefore, in the Middle of Funnel, which can also be called MO Fu (Middle of the funnel), the intention is to carry out a qualification of the beds to make them, in fact, leads for your brand.

Therefore, in Memo de Funnel it is necessary to provide content aimed at a more technical and specific sense, in order to resolve all the doubts that may have arisen in Tofu.

In fact, as you probably sought information from these readers, it is possible to forward the right messages at the most appropriate time in order to make them reach the last step.

Funnel Bottom

In Memo de Funnel, the content you produced should clarify for the reader what kind of problem he is facing, while there are possible solutions.

In the Funnel Fund, known as Bo Fu (Bottom of the funnel), your company should be presented to the reader, showing all the products and services you have to offer them.

That's because the leads are already qualified, that is, they know the problem you have and are ready to choose the ideal solution to solve it.

Therefore, at Funnel Fund, try to put your brand on display so that your lead understands the value of your brand and makes a decision favorable to your company.

Therefore, focus on incentive techniques, such as cases in which your products and services were purchased by other people and solved their problems.

Also, bet on tutorial videos and info graphics that show your solution in action to make it easier to understand its value when faced with a given problem.

Finally, remember to ask the Funnel Fund for feedback from your customers to update your marketing funnel and always provide the best service.

Understand the importance of the marketing funnel

After knowing the stages of the Marketing Funnel, you need to know how important it is to apply the concept of Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel as a strategy for your business.

For starters, all the data you can get from the marketing funnel can be converted into new actions to attract more customers to your brand.

In addition, it is much easier to find out which purchase stage the potential customer is in, allowing you to make contact with him or not.

However, we recommend that you use the marketing funnel always aligned with Inbound Marketing, decreasing the costs of selling your products and services.

Bet on the marketing funnel to generate more conversions

Now that you know what a marketing funnel is, it's much easier to understand and apply strategies capable of generating more conversion of readers into leads and, later, into customers for your brand.

Furthermore, when you correctly align the strategy with the inbound marketing methodology, profits can increase, also making you be seen as a reference in the market.

Since you already know what a marketing funnel is, how about improving your results even more with the right tips?

Good Business!

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