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How to create a marketing campaign from scratch? This question has several answers, which ends up confusing many entrepreneurs, especially those who are starting to act in the market now.

Did you know that for your company to achieve all the goals outlined by you during its planning, it is necessary to create an efficient marketing campaign?

But how to do this?

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Today there are countless ways to do digital marketing, but you must be careful when choosing the actions that best fit your business.

Therefore, we decided to create this content, which has several actions for you to decide how to invest your money in the right marketing campaigns. Check out!

·         How to create a marketing campaign?

·         What should not be left out of your marketing campaign?

·         What types of actions make up a marketing campaign?

·         Now you know all about how to create a marketing campaign!

How to create a marketing campaign?

In order for you to know how to build a marketing campaign for your company, you need to focus on three stages: planning, execution and analysis.

In other words, these three stages represent the beginning, middle and end of a digital marketing campaign.

And as you well know, within this campaign you start to understand what must be done, to then execute the actions and, finally, analyze what was obtained.


Planning is the initial step for a successful digital marketing campaign.

At this stage, you should understand what it takes to develop the campaign, as well as the goals you want to achieve with it.

And to make it easier to understand how to create a marketing campaign at this stage, focus on the following questions:

  1. Who will the campaign be aimed at?

  2. What channels is your target audience present on?

  3. How long will the campaign last?

  4. What results do you want to achieve with it?

In other words, planning is the basis for knowing how to build an effective and strategic digital marketing campaign.


From the moment the development and dissemination of the actions of your marketing campaign starts to happen, we call it execution.

This second stage aims to follow everything that was previously planned, in order to ensure that all actions bring the expected results.


The last stage is fully connected with the second, as this is when the results start to be evaluated.

If the audience's responses to a certain action are not as expected, then it means that something needs to change within your digital marketing campaign, even if it is still running.

Once the time for executing the actions is over, then it is time to do a more thorough analysis of the results obtained, understanding if you will be able to reach the final objective with that campaign.

The data will help you to hit the next actions, making you an expert in how to create a marketing campaign.

What should not be left out of your marketing campaign?

Well, now that you know what it takes to create a marketing campaign, it's time to figure out what not to be left out of it.

Below, we have separated 4 essential items for your company's actions to be a success. Get to know them:

1. Publicize

If you have quality materials to make available to your customers, you need to advertise properly.

To do this, you should start by creating a blog or website for your company, which should be stocked with articles about your market on a regular basis.

However, it is not enough to just write, publish and wait for search engines to do their part so that your content is seen by those interested in the subject.

You must use techniques to optimize users' searches, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, as well as acting on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, for example.

In addition, something that should not be left out of your promotion list is to exchange links with other sites, proposing guest posts that are related to the topic covered in the specific content.

2. Create partnerships

Your content can also be promoted by partner companies, which probably have another type of target audience.

And this can be done through Content Marketing, a strategy that supports Inbound Marketing and can open several doors for a good relationship with other brands.

If you prefer, write about a client, especially one that has great influence within your industry.

This action allows you to establish closer contact with your and your partner's audience.

3. Retain customers

Retaining customers is an easy attitude for companies that really care about who buys their products or services.

For this, you should always provide these people with relevant information about your market, making them always return to your website or blog.

Furthermore, creating promotions and contests can be a formula for your digital marketing campaign not to be forgotten by anyone.

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4. Track the results

Finally, the last item that cannot be missed when understanding how to set up a marketing campaign is monitoring the results.

That's because it's the way you can see if the desired results were achieved correctly.

To carry out this monitoring, we suggest that you use performance tools such as Google Analytics, for example.

Through the results obtained, you can know what kind of decision to take and if the actions taken can be repeated in another digital marketing campaign.

What types of actions make up a marketing campaign?

Having an idea of ​​what you need to know to set up your marketing campaign, it is now necessary to focus on the main actions used in the market. Are they:

Sponsored Links

Sponsored links – or paid ads – are being used a lot by entrepreneurs.

That's because they increase the chances of your brand appearing on Google and social networks, among other platforms, increasing your visibility and the chance of having new conversions.

Content Marketing

Definitely, Content Marketing is the strategy that defines which entrepreneur really knows how to mount a marketing campaign.

Because it makes content to be created to attract new consumers to its products or services, respecting the customer's purchase journey.

To use it, it is essential that you have a blog, in order to disseminate all the content created by you regarding your industry.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not your enemy, quite the contrary: it can be your best friend.

Thanks to the strategies created by this tool, it is possible to have a more effective communication with your customers and leads, since messages can be sent in a personalized way for each person.

Social Networks

Finally, and you can figure out how to build a marketing campaign, focus on social media.

These platforms are no longer just used for people's entertainment, they do great business too.

With them, you can get closer to your target audience, interacting with them in a very relaxed way.

Now you know all about how to create a marketing campaign!

As you have seen in this content, to carry out a good digital marketing campaign, it is necessary to have knowledge about the right actions that best fit your company.

Before that, there needs to be a plan capable of measuring short, medium and long-term results, and then putting all actions into practice.

If you want to know other types of actions, we recommend reading another content called Types of marketing (Best forms of marketing today).

The results of your business and your campaign depend only on you and your commitment!usmediapost.com









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