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Writing a Reebok Case Study analysis is not easy because there are so many components that need to be considered, it can be highly confusing. So we all know about Reeboks strengths, so here are some of its weaknesses;- mhra style referencing

1)    Duplicate materials

As rebook is a top-rated sports company, many other smaller brands make the first copy or duplicate their styles. Although it is challenging to hunt down every shop that sells identical Reebok products, some of them can be located with more strenuous efforts. This does because customers tend to buy them at cheaper rates for the same design, which affects the sales and revenue generation of Reebok.  If you want to write and know about this topic in more detail, you should get help with MBA Assignment where experts help you in your case study.

2)    Lack of awareness

The brand is trendy in the affluent society mainly. However, most middle class and other people are still more attracted to buying Adidas over Reebok. Hence, although it doe s a lot of marketing, it is not influencing its demand in all the classes of people. This is a good point for the competitors of Reebok in sportswear as they attract people from all ages and places. If you cannot focus on other subjects as writing case study takes time, you can get Help with psychology homework, java help, etc.

3)    Controversial image

As rebook does many sponsorships and endorsements, most people believe that it is a paid promotion that tarnishes the brand image. Also, as it is a famous brand, there have been several controversies to bring the company down. Being a  big brand, it is hard to stay out of controversies, but if it pays more attention to it and resolves the issues, it can bounce back from haters.


These are some of the weaknesses of Reebok, which needs to be fixed quickly to beat its competitors.

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