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Students need different tools to develop flawless papers. Every student does not have a flair for writing, or sometimes they don’t know which tools to use. There are several online tools paraphrasing tools, editing tools, proofreading tools, researching tools, plagiarism checking tools, readability tools, essay editor and many more. Also, several companies offer the same tools but finding the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack. Here are some of the best plagiarism tools with their features.


1.      Grammarly 

An excellent plagiarism checker for checking your essays, assignments, research paper or any academic paper. This tool has a vast database that allows students to get an accurate report on plagiarism. Grammarly checks through several different sources to highlight the exact phrases, sentences or word that are plagiarism. Grammarly uses multiple aspects of copying or plagiarising that allows students and professional writers to develop unique content. 


It has multiple features. It checks for frequent use of passive voice, repeated words, spelling mistakes, wordiness, suggests synonyms, plagiarism; it highlights vague phrases and makes the content appealing and engaging. It also supports different languages, like if you have written your content in British English but you to edit it using American English, you can do it in Grammarly. You can upload your files to edit or copy-paste them. It is available for free and paid subscription for students and business.  


2.      Quetext 

Another plagiarism checker that is easy to understand and offers multiple features. It provides a free trial where you can only check content three times, but if you purchase the subscription for $9.99, you can check as many times as you want. It has features like in-built citation, which helps students cite their academic papers. It produces simple reports on plagiarism percentage, and it doesn’t store any document so complete privacy.


3.      PlagScan 

The third plagiarism tool is PlagScan, an easy to use plagiarism checker that helps students with their assignments in the best possible way. A hassle-free tool, upload files or copy-paste documents or even upload through Dropbox or google drive and check for plagiarism.

The report highlights the plagiarised areas and indicates the list of sources, and mentions the plagiarism percentage. However, it allows you to check 2,000 words for free after that; you need to pay $10, enabling you to check 20,000 words.


When students are aware of the best plagiarism tools, they will go back to using old tricks. These plagiarism checkers come with multiple features; since students look for all in one tool, they don’t spend much time looking for intelligent writing ways. Using tools can be their one-stop destination, and they don’t have to worry about low grades anymore.

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