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The problem statement is the most significant component of dissertation writing. The statement of the problem is the claim which the writer made in the research work. It by and large highlights the problem which will be addressed by the research or study. The research questions get addressed by the problem statement. The problem statement by college paper writing service aims at transforming the summed up problem into a restricted and specific problem that can be defined. It addresses such problems which can be resolved through research and the decision-production process.


Students can benefit "write my essay online" service to get their customized problem statement and dissertation. Students can write an ideal problem statement in the event that they know the basic elements of the dissertation writing. The critical elements of the problem statement are as follows:


Central issues


From the meaning of the problem statement, the central issues of it are clear. These central issues are as follows:


  • Context: problem statement establishes the context for the readers and audiences.


  • Problem: The problem statement in ‘write my paper for me’ task defines the problem inside the established context.


  • Solution: Problem statement provides a solution to the raised problem.


Status Quo


Status quo is used for things by and large the manner in which they are. People must be persuaded to examine their status quo to impact their minds and actions. The shared view develops between the writer and reader by the status quo. It establishes assumptions and shared information. It allows the audiences to develop a bigger argument and experience on the gave problem.


Destabilizing Moment


  • Generally destabilizing second


  • Represents the question to be answered


  • Urges people to change their idea or action


  • Establishes cost and benefit analysis



  • Demonstrates inadequacies


  • Analyzes difficulties




The important component of the problem statement is to raise a question in it. By anticipating the question, you give the audience freedom to enjoy the early discussion. The focus on the answer to this question will increase the interest of the readers in the dissertation. They consider such discussion significant and beneficial.




You present the readers with the benefits, consequences, and costs. The reader currently must perceive their priorities and concerns based on those benefits, costs, and consequences which the writer has presented. Readers will perceive the persuasive consequences. These are such effects that will either cause benefit for readers or will make them suffer.




You present a claim as the problem statement for essay writing service, your response to this problem is named as a solution. It tends to be as resolution or an appropriate proposed resolution of the problem. In the event that you have alluded to the cost in terms of consequences, the benefits will represent the solution of the proposed problem. You will answer the question that how a specific solution will be presented to wipe out the problem.

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