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A thesis also known as a dissertation is a document that is written as a final project of your Ph.D., masters, or bachelors. The topic of your thesis is approved by the instructor who is assigned to you or your thesis group. A thesis or dissertation can either be done individually or in a group. A thesis proposal for ‘pay someone to write my paper’ task is first submitted to the instructor so that they can approve your topic/project. Once it is approved the students can start working on their final draft. A thesis is a professional document that is mostly published in journals hence the students have to be professional while writing this document. Thesis writing is difficult but if the students follow the guidelines mentioned below they can score well in their final projects.

Important guidelines related to the format of a thesis:

As mentioned before the thesis is a document that has to be written professionally and students should try to minimize their mistakes. Since it is the final project of your degree you have to showcase everything that you have learned in your degree. There is a set format for a thesis that should be adopted by students if they want to ace their final project. The format guidelines are discussed below:

Title page

The first page of the thesis should always be a title page on which you mention your topic of discussion and write the names of people involved in this research. Along with this information the students also have to mention their degree program, department, and the name of the instructor assigned to them.


This is the second heading of the thesis under which you thank all the people who have helped you in completing this study. This section is optional but it is advised to include it as it makes your paper look professional.

The abstract of the thesis

The abstract is usually written with 300 words. Writing a lengthy abstract will not benefit you as you only have to include the basic information regarding your project in the abstract. This section provides a brief summary of your study. The writer has to mention the methods through which the data is collected in the paper and how are the results obtained. Just like an essay writer service you have to discuss the main points regarding your study so that the reader gets an overview of the work you have done.


The first section by essay writer of a thesis is the introduction. In this part of the document, students have to mention the topic of the study and the reason for choosing this specific topic. Once this is done the writer needs to clearly state the research question which will be discussed in their study. The last sentence of this study is the thesis statement in which the writer has to state the main argument or question on which this research will be based.

Theoretical framework and literature review

In the literature review, the writer has to discuss all the previous research done on the same topic. They should also state the things that the previous authors missed in their studies and how this specific study is different from the studies done in the past. Writers could use journal articles, books, and online sources in their literature review. The theoretical framework is based on the literature review as the main theories and concepts that will be discussed in the study are stated under this heading.

Research Methodology

This is the main section in ‘write my paper’ task of the thesis under which the author has to discuss how this study was carried out. The methods and channels used to obtain the results need to be stated here.

Results and analysis

The results that were obtained in the research are discussed here and the author also needs to provide an analysis regarding the results. Any factors that affected your results need to be mentioned as well.


The writer needs to briefly state the whole study in this section and then give their opinion regarding the topic and the work is done.

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