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Create Your Own Organism!

  • Students will be individually creating their own organisms. They will later be placed in groups of 4 to 5 and will create a team organism to present to the class.

  • It can be a plant or animal or something new the students create using their imaginations!

  • To begin, each student will individually create their own organism on the worksheet given and list all its properties. The drawing should show all of these properties and draw what environment it lives in as well. Students will have about 10 minutes to do so.

  • Groups will then come together after individual work and be given 5 minutes to share their organisms with one another. Groups will then collectively create an organism using ideas and properties from their individual organisms. Students will all help draw it, name the organism, describe what environment it lives in, how it survives, what it eats, etc. Students will have 15 minutes for the group portion and every group will share with the class what their organism is!

Group1 : Allen Group 2 : Alex Group 3: Juan Group 4 Demayah

David Sarah Danielle Daphne

Jessica Sophia Kevin Brooklyn

Katie John Natalie Lily


(Grassland ) (Polar) (Forest) (Ocean)


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