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This short video Animal Habitats will give you a better understanding of the places animals live. Click here to start the video.

Included below are helpful links that will give the students great ideas when creating their own individual organism and then coming together collectively in their groups and creating one together.

Grassland Habitat: Long green grass with hot climate. There are many animals that can call this there home. Click Here

Ocean Habitat:Miles and miles of blue that is very deep and has it’s own world. There are lost of water creatures that live here and some that haven’t been discovered. Click Here

Polar Habitat: Burr! It’s very cold in this place. Only a select few can make this place there home since it has no tress, grass, or flowers. You can only see white snow and crisp frigged ice in this place and you can only find it on the very top and bottom of the world. Click Here

Forest Habitat: Green, yellow , red, brown, many colors make up our forest. Just imagine how many creatures call this place their home. Forest gives shade in the hot summers and leaves fall and crunch in the fall. Forest all very easy to find like in your back yard. Click Here

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